Digital Trust

Next Generations

Identity Network


A Decentralised Digital ID Network based on Self Sovereign Identity.


An Open Ecosystem Offering for issuers, verifiers and credentials holders.


Built on open standards and using standardised Credential Schemas for interoperability and easy of use.

ZADA is a Digital Identity Technology Company and Ecosystem provider.

Driven to ensure personal data can be exchanged in a safe way without risk for fraud or privacy intrusion.



ZADA enables individuals to present data without ever losing control. Just share the information the recipient need to know, nothing else. Your data is stored only on your device and will not be shared or stored elsewhere.



Credential Issuance

  • Provide Credentials with data about customers and users.

Identity Verification

  • Request a credential and verify it in real-time online or in person.


  • Reliably ensure users and customers are who they are across different hannels.

Become a

Network Member

Are you an organisation that want to improve you user management process and your users login and onboarding experience? As a member of ZADA Network you will be able to streamline the verification process while enabling end-users to be in total control of their identity. Contact us below to learn more!


    blog updates

    ZADA’s COVIDpass is now recognised by Singapore

    ZADA’s COVIDpass is now recognised by Singapore

    / March 29, 2022

    After a lot of hard work, our COVIDPASS is now on the List of Digitally Verifiable COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates Currently Recognised by Singapore!. So if you are vaccinated by one of our hospital partners e.g. Pun...



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