About Us

We are driven to ensure personal data can be exchanged without risk of fraud or privacy intrusion.

ZADA launched in 2021 as a Digital Identity Network and Ecosystem, driven to ensure that anyone can exchange personal data safely without risk of fraud or privacy intrusion.

With an ambition to become a “Visa” for Digital Identities that works across borders globally, we focus on enabling the exchange of digital credentials such as identities and proofs in a trusted and user-friendly way. 

ZADA provides both the network (the data exchange layer with cryptographic trust) and the ecosystem (that offers the human trust).

Fraud and privacy intrusions are affecting more and more of us. It doesn’t have to be this way!

We launched ZADA to change this new normal and ensure everyone has equal opportunities to benefit from new digital services and offerings in a safe way without risks.

We want end-users to have control over who can have access to their personal information and what information is shared.

ZADA is a burmese word (ဇာတာ) and is a piece of wood you are given when you are born to record the details, often used for your fortune telling. 

Our ZADA is for your digital life!