Building a Global

Identity Network

“Fixing digital identity may be the single biggest opportunity in tech.”

Who We Are

ZADA launched in 2021 as a Digital Identity Network and Ecosystem, driven to ensure that anyone can exchange personal data safely without risk of fraud or privacy intrusion.

With an ambition to become a “Visa” for Digital Identities that works across borders globally, we focus on enabling the exchange of digital credentials such as identities and proofs in a trusted and user-friendly way

ZADA provides both the network (the data exchange layer with cryptographic trust) and the ecosystem (that offers the human trust).

We are driven to ensure personal data can be exchanged without risk of fraud or privacy intrusion.

We solve a real problem for people that need to prove their claims, especially across borders and online

Our Commitment

ZADA is committed to providing a secure and reliable self-sovereign identity ecosystem that enables individuals to exchange personal data without the risk of fraud or privacy intrusion. Our platform utilizes cutting-edge technology and international standards to ensure that personal data is secure, tamperproof and verifiable. Whether online or in-person, across borders or within the same physical location, ZADA provides a trusted and secure environment for individuals to exchange personal data confidently and securely.