AYA Sompo Insurances has its head office in Yangon, and through ZADA Network enables policyholders to:

  1. Hold and prove their insurance policies
  2. Use ZADA credentials to process claims

This also enables healthcare partners to

  1. Instantly Verify Insurance Policies
  2. Share Bills as Verifiable Credentials for faster and more convenient claim process

#Insurance Policies

All holders of insurance policies can store their polices in the ZADA Wallet be simply creating a connection using the same number used for the insurance policy itself.

#Request a policy

First you need to create a connection by visiting this page: https://bit.ly/ayasompo-zada

Either scan the QR Code with your ZADA Wallet och press “open link” on the phone that holds the ZADA Wallet.

After a few seconds the credentials will arrive as offers.

Review the data and then accept.

#Verify a policy

As a Hospital, open your ZADA Wallet (or own app integrated with ZADA).

Scan the QR Code shown instantly verify the policy.