The evolution of identity

As greatly illustrated in this article http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html the models for online identity have advanced through four broad stages since the advent of the Internet: centralized identity, federated identity, user-centric identity, and self-sovereign identity. Phase One: Centralized Identity (administrative control by a...

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What can ZADA be used for?

As an ecosystem provider, ZADA is aimed to enable an ecosystem of ecosystems. Our ZADA App is the core of it, storing and sharing the identities you collect from your different ecosystems based on self-sovereign identity, built entirely on open...

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A Remote Startup

Starting up a new company is always an exciting and challenging venture, than add on COVID-19. We turned this into an opportunity and put together a great team spread across the globe that has come together sharing the same passion...

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