Connect with the ZADA Ecosystem

ZADA facilitate Digital Trust by enabling the exchange of Digital IDs across a worldwide digital identity network. We enable organisations to improve their handling and trust of personal data while enabling end-users to be in total control of their identity. We want everyone to get access to the digital economy without risks of fraud and privacy.

You can only receive credentials when you have a secure connection with an issuer. To create this connection, please find some of the participating organisations below.

7887 Healthcare Call Center

The healthcare call centre provides 24/7 support to patients and healthcare providers, offering comprehensive medical advice, assistance, counselling, and information on healthcare facilities and services.

Ar Yu International Hospital

Ar Yu International Hospital is a private hospitals in Myanmar which was founded in 2018, a premier healthcare facility managed by a Thai team in Myanmar.

Centrum Vax Yangon

Centrum Vax Yangon is a vaccination center located in the heart of Yangon, providing a wide range of vaccinations for individuals of all ages.

Dagon Medicare Hospital

Dagon Medical Hospital, a prominent private healthcare facility in Yangon located in North Dagon Township, offers 24/7 Emergency Services, Specialist Consultation, Medical Check-Up Services, Vaccinations, and In-Patient Services.

Dr. Vaccine Immunization Clinic

Dr. Vaccine Immunization Clinic provides a wide range of immunization services to patients of all ages.


MMDoc is the new healthcare provider specializing in vaccinations and general practitioners. Conveniently located at The Central Boulevard in Yankin Township.

Myanmar Project Management Center (MPC)

MPC is a leading project management training provider, with courses ranging from fundamentals to project management professionals (PMP).

Myanmar Seafarers Federation (MSF)

The Myanmar Seafarers Federation is an organization that represents and advocates for the rights and welfare of seafarers in Myanmar.

NanDaWun Healthcare Center

Nandawun Healthcare Center provides high-quality health services to patients.

Novel Heart Care

Novel Heart Care is a Healthcare center for home care and vaccinations, specializing in serving the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Offering home immunization services and full nursing support at home.

Pun Hlaing Hospitals

Pun Hlaing Hospitals is a leading healthcare provider in Myanmar, offering a wide range of medical services and state-of-the-art facilities to its patients. Request Your COVIDPASS on

Sun Community Health (SCH)

Sun Community Health is a non-profit organization committed to providing quality healthcare services and promoting wellness in the communities it serves.

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