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Policies for specific use cases and named issuers / verifiers.


COVIDPASS is a use-case to enable people to safely return to travel and daily activities through the use of digital COVID-19 Test and Vaccination certificates in a touchless, secure and privacy-preserving manner. Checks can be done both online and in person, QR code scanned entering an airport or bus or directly online when booking a flight or hotel or cinema etc.

The COVIDPASS can be issued in three subtypes, each with its own schema and attributes

  1. Vaccination
  2. Test (RT-PCR or RDT)
  3. Recovery

Issuance of a COVIDPASS can only be done by an approved issuer, ZADA Network Tenant, that has the approval to be a Vaccination administrator by relevant authority, and need to follow the COVIDPASS Schemas. See here.

The data added to the credential shall be stored by the issuer for possible audit purpose, and be verified in person before issuance to ensure its correctness, including that a vaccination was provided to the person mentioned in the credential issued.

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Updated on December 21, 2021