For Individuals

Take Control of Your Digital Identity with the ZADA Wallet

The ZADA Wallet puts you back in the driver’s seat of your digital life.

Securely store and manage your verifiable credentials, connect with others seamlessly, and share your information on your terms.

It’s Your Data. You Are In Control.

Create Secure Connections

  • Seamlessly connect with others
  • Establish trust instantly through verifiable credentials.
  • Communicate with confidence
  • No more worrying about phishing scams or identity theft.

Digitally Receive Credentials

  • Receive verifiable credentials from trusted issuers (e.g., schools, employers, government agencies).
  • Store your credentials securely in your ZADA Wallet.
  • No more paper certificates or physical IDs to lose or damage.

Share The Data You Want

  • Easily prove your qualifications and identity online.
  • Choose what information you share with others.
  • Share only the specific data required for each interaction.
  • Protect your privacy and avoid oversharing.
  • Say goodbye to filling out endless forms with the same information.