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ZADA is more than just a decentralized trust network – it’s a fertile ground for innovation. Our open platform, verifiable credentials, and customizable tools empower you to create groundbreaking solutions that redefine trust and security in the digital age. Join us in shaping the future of self-sovereign identity and decentralized applications.

Build Solutions that matters

Leverage the latest tech stacks for new innovations!

Why Build on ZADA?

Robust Infrastructure

Leverage a secure, scalable, and decentralized network built on cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Verifiable Credentials

Utilize a powerful framework for creating, issuing, and verifying tamper-proof digital credentials.

Open Source Wallet

Customise and white-label the wallet to create your own for a specific industries or internal projects.

Thriving Ecosystem

Join a growing community of innovators, developers, and partners working together to build a more trustworthy digital world.

Opportunities for Innovation

Decentralized Applications

Build decentralized identity management solutions, reputation systems, voting platforms, and more.


Create tailored solutions for healthcare (e.g., patient record management), education (e.g., credential verification), finance (e.g., KYC/AML compliance), and other sectors.

Enterprise Management

Develop internal solutions for employee onboarding, access control, and secure data sharing.

Featured Tools and Resources


Detailed guides and references for integrating with ZADA’s APIs.

ZADA Wallet

A customizable wallet that you can rebrand and tailor to your specific needs.


Access our library of use-cases and ideas collected from the ecosystem.