Improved Issuance of Credentials

In our September cycle, we have made several improvements to the interface for finding connections and issuing credentials.

Search for Name

You can now search by Name in “Connections”, “Issuance Logs” and “Verification Lists”.

Single Issuance Without connection

Now you no longer need to have a connection before issuance of a single credential.

Enter phone number and press find, if there is a match a dropdown list will appear of existing connections.

If no connection, you can still issue the credential. Just add the phone number and a SMS will be sent to the receiver that you request them to connect. After that is done the credential will be automatically issued.

Select TimeZone for Batch Issuance

To ensure timezones are correct in the credentials when using the batch issuer, you can now select the timezone before uploading.

Sign & Issue

To emphasize that each credential is signed when issued, we renamed the button from “Issue” to “Sign & Issue”.

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