Control Your Data & Digital Identity

The need for digital trust

Identity theft is the illicit use of someone’s personal data for financial gain, obtained through many complex techniques. Even before the COVID-19 crisis hit, this was already a serious issue, affecting millions everywhere. But with the pandemic forcing consumers to do much of their purchasing online and in the domain of many such scammers, identity theft statistics have become truly frightening. 


ZADA is a self-sovereign identity (SSAI) wallet which means that you can decide who has access to your data, and for what purpose. ZADA use cryptography to secure your data, and blockchain technology to enable verification of it.

What are the benefits

More control over your data

With an ZADA Wallet, you are in control of who has access to your data. You can choose to share your data with specific organizations, or you can keep it private.

Increased privacy

ZADA Wallet help you to protect your privacy by encrypting your data and only sharing it with those who need it.

Easier to use

ZADA Wallet make it easier to prove your identity online. You can use your wallet to share your credentials with organizations, without having to create a new account each time.

ZADA made it possible to store all my important documents in one place when I went abroad for work.

How you can use ZADA


You can use an ZADA Wallet to store your health records. This allow you to share your records with your doctor or other healthcare providers, without having to give them your entire medical history.


You can use an ZADA Wallet to store your academic transcripts and degrees. This make it easier to apply for jobs or scholarships, without having to mail copies of your transcripts.


You can use an ZADA Wallet to store your employment history and references. This make it easier to apply for jobs, without having to create a new resume each time.

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