Control Your

Digital Identity

Access your data and re-use it wherever, whenever.
The data is only stored on your device.
You control your data and your privacy.

Data ownership and control

You have complete ownership and control over your personal data. You decide which information you want to share with others.

Privacy and security

Cryptography is used to protect your personal data from unauthorised access. This makes it much more difficult for hackers or other malicious actors to steal or misuse your data.

Convenience and efficiency

ZADA make it much more convenient and efficient to manage digital identities. For example, you can use your wallets to prove your age, identity, or other credentials without carrying around physical documents.


ZADA's wallet is flexible and scalable for managing digital identities. The wallet can be used to manage a wide range of digital identities, including personal, professional, and academic identities.

ZADA made it possible to store all my important documents in one place when I went abroad for work.


ZADA is the next generation’s identity solution. With the ZADA Wallet you can receive and share verifiable proofs of your claims, such as your academic degree, your salary etc.  ZADA is decentralised, meaning you are the one in control of the data stored in your Wallet. There is no server in between where the data can be accessed. ZADA use cryptography to secure your data and blockchain technology to enable verification of it.

How you can use ZADA


Store your health records and share them with your doctor or other healthcare providers without having to give them your entire medical history.


Store your academic transcripts and degrees. This makes it easier to apply for jobs or scholarships without having to mail copies of your transcripts.


Store your employment history and references. This make it easier to apply for jobs, without having to create a new resume each time.

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