New QR Code feature brings offline capabilities and easy verification in person.

The latest ZADA update released this week includes two exciting features to improve the usage of COVIDPASS in Myanmar.

  • Credential QR Code – This gives Credentials such as COVIDPASS a QR code with all the data that can be shown and verified also when offline.
  • ZADA App as a Verifier App – The ZADA App is not only a Wallet but the built in QR Scanner now make is possible to use as a Verifier App. Give it a try and use your ZADA App to scan another COVIDPASS QR Code to verify it. An API is also available for those companies who want to integrate their own apps.

With the new QR Code and QR Scanning features, employers and businesses now have an even better way to use COVIDPASS to restore confidence and protect both staff and customers from COVID-19 as we face a new variant.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via this email. You can also contact  Ms Pyae No No Thaw, Project Manager of the COVIDPASS Program, directly on [email protected] or 09765-606654.

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