For Organisations

Empower Your Business with Trustworthy Digital Interactions

In today’s fast-changing world,
trust is the foundation of every successful relationship.

ZADA provides a suite of tools and solutions to help organisations establish trust, streamline processes, and unlock new opportunities on the ZADA Network.


Elevate Trust, Empower Your Business

In today’s digital landscape, trust is the cornerstone of successful business operations. ZADA empowers corporations to build trust, streamline processes, and enhance security through our decentralized trust network. By leveraging verifiable credentials and self-sovereign identity principles, ZADA enables seamless and secure interactions between your organization, employees, customers, and partners.

Streamlined Identity Verification

Simplify employee onboarding, customer due diligence, and partner verification processes with ZADA’s verifiable credentials. Eliminate the need for manual checks, reduce paperwork, and accelerate onboarding timelines.

Enhanced Security and Data Privacy

Protect sensitive corporate and employee data with ZADA’s decentralized architecture. Reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure compliance with privacy regulations by giving individuals control over their information.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Automate verification processes, reduce administrative overhead, and eliminate the need for costly third-party verification services. ZADA’s streamlined workflows enable faster decision-making and resource optimization.

What you do with the ZADA Platform

ZADA Network enables you to securely handle verifiable credentials.

Issue Credentials

Issue credentials one by one or in batches, empowering your organisation to establish trust at scale without any need to integrate anything.

Verify Credentials

A powerful identity verification platform that leverages verifiable credentials for secure and efficient onboarding, both remotely and in person.

Create Physical Flows

Enable people to share their data through a 1-click check for registration, attendance or any other use-case.

Create Online Flows

Enable people to share one or more credentials as part of an online flow.

Use Cases:

Financial Services

Streamline onboarding, enhance fraud prevention, simplify compliance and create a better user experience.


Securely share patient records, verify credentials, and improve data interoperability.


Issue tamper-proof diplomas and certificates, verify student identities, and streamline enrollment.


Deliver secure digital services, improve citizen identification, and reduce administrative burdens.

Supply Chain

Track and verify product authenticity, ensure ethical sourcing, and build consumer trust.


Streamline employee onboarding and management of employment certificates.