Supporting Seafarers Going Digital

Seafarers require document proofs and certifications to work on vessels. However, paper credentials can easily get lost or damaged, and verifying their authenticity can be time-consuming and costly. 

Since March 2023, MSF has been working closely with ZADA to allow Myanmar Seafarers to securely store various digital verifiable credentials in the ZADA Wallet on their phone, making it more convenient for seafarers to share them with employers and other stakeholders. The Myanmar Seafarer ID is already provided as a ZADA Credential.

Issuing verifiable ZADA credentials for seafarers and accepting them as proof of claims is one way to support the ecosystem, ensure the safety and success of Myanmar seafarers, and contribute to the modernization and growth of the seafaring industry.

ZADA provides a secure, verifiable and convenient way for seafarers to prove their different claims digitally. ZADA can be used for various purposes such as replacing traditional paper-based identity documents and providing access to digital services. Overall, ZADA for seafarers can improve the overall management of crew resources and enhance the seafarer’s experience, making it a valuable tool for the industry.

Ecosystem Benefits with ZADA


ZADA helps to streamline the crew management process. It can facilitate faster check-in and check-out procedures, reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, and simplify the management of crew information.


ZADA can help seafarers access digital services such as e-learning, e-crew welfare services and online banking, among others.


ZADA can enable a more secure data sharing among stakeholders, resulting in better transparency and efficiency in the maritime industry.

As an issuer

More efficient processes with digital issuance of certificates and proofs

Through cryptography and blockchain technology, ZADA ensures the data you provide becomes a tamperproof and verifiable Credential.

As a verifier

Instantly verify claims
shared to you

Verifying claims is costly, time‑consuming and often manual. With ZADA a credential can be verified in seconds, and stored as data directly in your system. 


As a verifier

Request multiple credentials as part of the KYC Process

Build custom flows to collect more than one credential to build a better understanding of who the person is.


As a verifier

Enable easy checkin and sharing of personal data

Collect trusted data both online and in person through QR codes.


ZADA is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) network that enables individuals and organisations to own and control their own digital identities. This means that the individual has the power to decide who can access their data and for what purpose. As an organisation, you can instantly verify this data and don’t need to connect with the original issuer.


A scalable platform that can support the needs of large organizations.


Uses blockchain technology to secure the data stored on the platform.

Easy to use

Easy to use for both organizations and individuals.

Become a ZADA Network Member

Increase the credibility and integrity of your organization’s credentials. Join the Zada network and become an issuer or verifier of credentials. By joining our trusted network, you’ll gain access to a secure and decentralized platform that ensures the authenticity and validity of your and other organization’s credentials. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to establish your organization as a leader in the industry. 

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