Use-Case: The Paperless Clinic

Going paperless has been a long-standing goal for many businesses, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Dr Vaccine Immunization Clinic joined the ZADA Network this year and with the implementation of ZADA’s Registration app for patient registrations, it has allowed them to streamline processes and save valuable time and resources.

Using the Registration App, offered as a SaaS, Dr Vaccine could quickly deploy a new process and automatically issue patient records, lab test results, and medical bills over ZADA Network to their patients own ZADA Wallet, providing a safe and verifiable way for patients to access their medical information. This is a significant improvement from the traditional paper-based systems, which often lead to lost or misplaced records and billing errors, or centralized solutions with risks of data theft and portability issues.

With ZADA, Dr Vaccine Immunization Clinic can provide an efficient and seamless patient experience. Patients no longer need to keep track of a pile of medical records and bills, instead all their medical information is easily accessible in their ZADA Wallet where only they have access to the data. When they want to share it to someone, the receiver can instantly verify it is authentic. An enormous benefit for students and workers going abroad.

The implementation of ZADA’s solutions for verifiable credentials with Dr Vaccine Immunization Clinic, demonstrate the benefits of going paperless in the healthcare industry. With the increasing demand for digital solutions, it is essential for healthcare providers to adopt innovative technologies like ZADA to enhance patient care and experience.

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