ZADA Portal

The easiest way to issue and verify credentials.
No coding or complex integrations required.

Rapidly deploy digital credential workflows from a web interface

  • ZADA | Portal is a no-code web application for verifiable credential exchange.
  • Within minutes, you can change the appearance to match your brand, and start issuing or verifying your first credentials remotely or in-person.
  • No coding or complex integrations required.

Issuing made easy

  • Effortlessly register new customers with a QR scan or custom invitation
  • Enable authorized employees to issue credentials on behalf of your organization
  • Create credentials individually or in bulk, via a CSV upload
  • Customize templates to make issuing fast and accurate
  • Provide credential data in real time or asynchronously

Verifying made easy

  • Configure custom proof request templates to specify exactly what data you require
  • Request and verify credentials perfect for in-person or remote use cases in a customer service team
  • Store or discard data as required

Aligned with emerging standards

  • Designed around emerging standards from the W3C, Decentralized Identity Foundation, Trust over IP, Good Health Pass, and Hyperledger communities
  • Compatible with the Aries Issue Credential, Out-of-Band, Present Proof, Basic Message, and Question-Answer protocols
  • Regularly tested for interoperability

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