The future of identity now - Digital Identity you control

We set out to change the way identity is managed and shared in our increasingly digital society. We realised it doesn’t have to be a win or loss situation affecting your privacy or security.

With ZADA we set out to revolutionise the way you manage your digital identities and access to digital services, helping both the user and the service provider to better safety, privacy and efficiency.

ZADA is your secure digital ID Wallet and Ecosystem. ZADA provides a safe place to store personal details, encrypted so only the user can access them, and organisations can easily request the details it needs too prove the service requested.

When you need to prove your age, identity or other details about yourself, you can securely share just the details required without revealing everything about yourself.

What is ZADA?

ZADA as a name comes from an old practice in Myanmar that when you are born you are given a piece of bamboo that contains your birth details, a ZADA. When you start your digital life, we want to give you a Digital ZADA.

ZADA is a collection of innovative solutions that enables identities and personal data to be shared in a Decentralized, Inclusive and User-Centric using verifiable credentials. This enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to reap benefits through easy and secure onboarding, log-in and identity verifications.

ZADA Wallet app

Connect securely with all your services and store your identities, logins, passes and other credentials here

zada network

This is all the organisations and services that are connected and enables the ZADA Wallet to be used and both accept and can issued different ZADA Credentials.

zada tools

Business who want to issue, verify and make use of the ZADA Network have access to the ZADA Tools including web apps and APIs.

It's all about creating Digital Trust

How ZADA Works


Our technology is built upon 3 core principles - privacy, security, and portability - to enable you to present your data without ever losing control.


When someone verifies your pass, our technology validates the digital signature of your pass to ensure authenticity. Your pass is then verified without the need of showing any personal or medical information.


ZADA is built to be decentralized, meaning your data is stored only on your device and will not be shared or stored elsewhere.


Choose when and where to share your information. Only you have access to your information and the ability to display your QR code for verification.

Join the ZADA Ecosystem

Make use of our ecosystem as individual or a business.

Credential Providers

Issue and authenticate credentials
on request to your customers.

Service Providers

Request and verify relevant credentials and data to offer products and services.


Our mission is to enable inclusive growth through digital identity, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to benefit from new digital services and offerings in a safe way without risk for fraud or privacy intrusion.

To do this we are working with the best technology providers to create an inclusive Digital ID Ecosystem that enables Self-sovereign identity (SSI) where the individual owns and control their identity. 

We provide solutions for individuals and organisations to collaborate in one open ecosystem using verifiable credentials that can be stored in a mobile wallet and verified using a blockchain.